Mediadesign – the art of designing media of all sorts. Whether print media is prepared for online or offline usage; the conceptualisation by a professional provides carefree and high-quality products.

Therefore, a continuous training is necessary to be able to identify new technological or creative trends, as well as software updates, but also to acquire the necessary skills.

Creative thinking and an interest in technology, especially in the area of software, substantiate the craft of media designers.

My projects

The subsequent is a selection of my mediadesign projects which I created both, during my work at Seltmann GmbH and in freelancing jobs.

Plant catalogue Pflanzenhandel HUBEN GmbH

Plant catalogue

Status: in usage | Scope: 765 pages | Company: Pflanzenhandel HUBEN GmbH

Catering catalogue La Cucina Dirk Diefenbach

Catering catalogue

Status: in usage | Scope: 60 pages | Company: La Cucina Dirk Diefenbach

Textile banner Elektro Eckert GmbH

Textile banner

Status: in usage | Dimensions: 120 x 90 cm | Company: Elektro Eckert GmbH